Books by Tanya Talley

Tanya writes to help others navigate their way through life.

Her first book, http://peaceofpita.com/ Baby Momma Bliss, is NOT another book about how to be the best mother ever or throw the best theme birthday party. It’s about YOU and how to love and care for yourself.

http://everythingandahappyending.com/fgertreyersd.php Her next book on empowerment is coming soon.

Tanya's blog

Be Inspired

Tanya’s blog  shares powerful messages from herself and her colleagues through videos and articles – these are also Tanya’s gifts to you.

Unearth your gifts. Value them. How to live abundantly by focusing your life around your gift.


Life Coaching by Tanya Talley

Life Success Coaching

Do you want to live life more joyfully? Chances are you aren’t living your passion. Discover your Gift and how to value your it by focusing your daily life on it.

Tanya’s greatest joy in life is helping others to overcome limiting beliefs to reach every dream in their hearts.